5 Promotional Tips for Professional Organizers

5 Promotional Tips for Professional Organizers

It can be difficult to find the right method to market your business, especially for a professional organizer. Where do you start? How do you hit your target demographic? Are there services out there that can hone in on the group of customers you want to work with most? There is no easy answer to this, but our five tips may set you on the right path to increasing customer inquiries, and most importantly, revenue!

Start a Blog

Blogs can be extremely powerful marketing tools. It allows you the ability to consistently publish content specific to not just your industry, but also your business. You can use each individual blog post as a way to market your business by sharing it on social media and through email. How often you publish content is up to you, but one post a month about an idea or tip you have means one more article to share with your network. There are so many plug-and-play blogging sites out there now that starting one can be done in 10 minutes.

Consider a Groupon Campaign

Groupon has its pros and cons like all services. However, the pros play out strongly in regard to the professional organizing industry. Sure, you may end up giving a hefty discount on an hour or two of your services, but what it will generate in word-of-mouth advertising will be massive. More people will be exposed to your business, and when their friend’s office becomes too messy to handle they’ll remember that service they tried through Groupon and recommend it.

Use Article Marketing

Article marketing can be a fantastic way to reach people in your community. Writing a quick article (or full page!) about something specific, such as “Why a Clean Desk Will Make You More Productive” or “Cleaner Cabinets Means a Cleaner Home” are a way to draw in the reader and spend 1000 words talking about the exact thing your business does, then advertising your name at the bottom. It is generally inexpensive and reaches a lot of consumers, so you’re sure to see some inquiries once it hits their subscriber base.

Leave Cards and Rack Cards Wherever Possible

It’s shocking how effective this method can be. Just leaving your cards or rack cards in places that allow it will start bringing in calls and emails. People just love to pick things up! The key to making sure that your card is the one they choose from the pile is a clear and concise message. Rack cards allow for this more than business cards, but if you dedicate one side of your business card to your logo and a few words about what you do (“Sarah’s Organizing: Allow Me to Organize Your Life”), you’ll get the attention of people that didn’t even know they were looking for your service. Best part? If you leave them in places that don’t charge, it’s free advertising for you.

Seek Out Speaking Engagements

Business organizations are always looking for guest speakers at their weekly or monthly meetings. These are an excellent chance to speak directly about what you do and how you can benefit their business or life. Organizations such as the Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce are good places to start, but there are usually many more locally specific groups.

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