How to Add a Google Analytics User

How to add users to Google Analytics

How to Add a Google Analytics User

What’s This All About?

We are frequently asked how to add an admin user to Google Analytics. Here is a quick walkthrough of the steps required. We are always available if you have any questions. Try out the live chat on our site and we’re happy to lend a hand.

Why Agencies or Other People Need Access to Your Google Analytics

Giving access to your Google Analytics account can feel a bit invasive. It’s your  data and giving access to someone you don’t know well can be very scary.

That’s why we recommend you ask your digital agency, or other provider, exactly what access is required. It’s okay to push back. We always ask for full Admin access at the Account level, but this is mainly because most of the time we are doing in-depth tracking setup.

If someone just needs to see the data, then we recommend providing access at the View level and read-only access. You can always upgrade access if needed.

1. Log into your admin panel

Log into and on the left navigation area click on the Settings or Admin menu item.

2. Navigate to the Admin Area

On the lower left of your screen you'll see a settings wheel or ``Admin``.

3. Navigate to User Management

Depending on what level of permission you are granting, click on User Management at the Account, Property, or View level.

4. Select Add User

You can add users or groups. Most of the time you'll add individual users.

5. Add User Details

Select the appropriate access level for the new user and you're done! Your new user will get an email notification or see it the next time they log into Google Analytics.

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