Becoming Data-Centric

Data Centric

Becoming Data-Centric

Beth Kanter recently wrote a fantastic blog post on “How Can Nonprofits Switch to a Data-Driven Culture?” It is worth a read if you are struggling with data management and reporting. Her article is a great start, but it is important for an organization to first be honest with itself about its abilities when looking at becoming more data centric.

When the organization’s leader(s) come back from a conference about data, spouting off buzzwords and ready to spend money on information systems and services that they don’t understand, care must be taken to audit the organization’s resources and talent. $100,000.00 later and the boss is checking off an item on a checklist called “become data driven organization” and patting himself on the back while the systems and services that were purchased are barely being used.

It really does come down to good management, even if that means being a good enough manager to admit that the organization does not have the right people or resources. If you don’t have anyone on staff that can manage this stuff, then by all means hire someone or outsource to someone who can get things set up for you.

Have somebody at least thinking about your data. You have to start somewhere.

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