Blogs Cost Time and Cash

Blogs Cost Time and Cash

Blogs Cost Time and Cash

Do You Know What Your Most Popular Blog Post was Last Year? If not, Read on!

You know that blog piece your whip-smart staffer posted two months back? The one on mobile marketing for boomers? It had all the features of a good blog: great content, written for your target market, and nice graphics and images. You were happy with it. It immediately got “likes.” But what I’d like for you to imagine right now is that blog on paper being fed into a shredder with the money it cost your company, because if it is not going to give you a return on your investment (ROI), that’s where that money might as well go.

Q: Why is it important to know our most popular blog post? Isn’t that subjective and taste driven?

A: Like any kind of marketing, you want to know if your marketing dollars get buyers to the door. In digital marketing, it is the same. Blogs are a great way to:

  • draw traffic to your website,
  • generate leads from that traffic,
  • and promote the unique qualities of your brand.

All those general goals are measurable. But you still need to know that specific posts are helping you meet those goals or they are simply a waste of staff time and money.

Q: If I tell you how many blog posts we publish in a year, isn’t that enough?

A: Although companies that post 16 blog posts or more per month do get nearly 3.5 times more traffic than companies that don’t blog or post fewer than four monthly, in the end, how often blogs are published is no guarantee of sales. For every blog published, you’re spending more investment money. Stop and ask yourself the same questions we ask our clients about their business blogs.

  1. What was most popular in terms of page views last year?
  2. How many page views did you get for all blog posts last quarter?
  3. How do you know your blog posts are successful?
  4. How do you monitor the success of your blog?

Q: I’m a busy business person with no time for involved metrics. Where would I even start?

A: Time for most of us is sacred and scarce. Therefore, it is worthy of being a starting point. To figure out whether or not you are getting a general return on your blogging investment, figure out how much time is spent on blogging. Here are the stages you need to include:

  1. Research and draft the blog. For some general figures, Hubspot reports 29% blog writers in North America take 2-3 hours, another 29% take 4+ hours.
  2. Create featured images for multiple social media posts(1 hour).
  3. Write social media posts to support and promote the blog article(45 minutes).
  4. Optimize the blog post for search engine optimization (SEO) (15 minutes).
  5. Finalize the blog and social media posts (30 minutes).
  6. Publish/code blog post (20 minutes).
  7. Submit to Google Search Console for indexing (5 minutes).
  8. Schedule posts on social media platforms (10 minutes).
  9. Boost posts on social media/pay per click (20 minutes).

For a more defined, 9-step formula to help you examine your blogging costs and whether or not they justify the money and time involved, I highly recommend “Calculate Your Blogging ROI in 9 Steps.” The piece takes you through an understandable yet comprehensive blogging expense calculation that includes writing, editing, tracking, and managing stages. This article is especially good because it forces bloggers to think in terms of the value of customer behaviors, and for blogs, these need to be calculated over the long-term.

Q: Did the shredder just eat my blog dollars?

A. The point of this post is not to say blogging is too expensive or that you shouldn’t have a blog on your website. The point is that a blog, just like any other aspect of your business, should be closely monitored for its costs and returns. A blog can tell you more than simple dollars and bottom line, though. It can tell you what your readers care about. If you “listen” carefully to your audience by watching data, you’ll know how to adjust in the market.

At Tresemer Group we believe in data-driven decisions. We know how to use metrics to monitor success against appropriately set goals. As your partner, we’ll help you gain a greater understanding of how to measure your blog’s long-term success. And we will help you determine where all the pieces of your digital marketing fit within your goals and budget.

Stop wasting precious time and resources. Contact us online or by phone at (206) 310-4060. We’re happy to nerd out with you about your blog with a free 15-minute consultation to help you get started on analyzing your blog ROI.

Cynthia Powell

A copywriter by day, a novelist when the sun skips town. With a MA in history, she convinced teens for twenty-seven years that political science mattered. How? Client focus and engaging materials. She now applies that formula to marketing with creative, memorable, and audience-focused copy.