Summer 2017 Social Media Updates

summer social media updates

Summer 2017 Social Media Updates

Are you slammed in all aspects of your life with not enough time to stay up to date on the hottest social media updates? We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite announcements of the summer.


Video Updates– Wouldn’t you rather have the option of embedding your new YouTube video instead of linking it to your channel? Well now you can with LinkedIn’s new update that provides the option of adding video into personal page updates.

Connection History–  Looking to personalize a LinkedIn message? Easy. Just click on your connection’s “Contact and Personal Info” to see when you first connected.

Public Posts– Make your updates public to increase reach and allow for off-network sharing. Now viewers don’t have to be logged in to view your update if you use this feature.


Watch– Remember in 2014 when Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be primarily video within 5 years? Facebook announced their new ‘Watch’ section, described as a platform for both live and recorded shows. The section will ‘follow a theme or storyline’ and be rolled out to select users for testing.

Colorful Balloons– Banned from China in 2009, Facebook may have found a way around the ban with their new app ‘Colorful Balloons.’ The app allows users to share photos using a QR code.


Algorithm– If you’ve used Twitter for a while, you are likely noticing posts from people you don’t follow and replies that wouldn’t normally show up. Similar to other social media platforms, Twitter’s timeline is becoming more algorithm based by showing you trends and things that may be of interest to you to stay competitive.


Engagement Targeting– Are you trying to target your most actively engaged audience with your new Instagram picture? Not a problem with Instagram’s new engagement targeting, which had been previously only available for videos. Select custom audience > engagement to reach your loyal followers.

API Analytics– Have you been checking analytics for your business’s Instagram page on the mobile app? Well now you can check analytics straight from the API.


Pinch to Zoom– By now you’ve probably pinched on an image to zoom in on Google. Pinterest is now offering this feature. This update sounds small, but if you are pinching images of doughnuts, expect to see more doughnuts in your feed.

Promoted Videos– Are you using Pinterest to post videos? Good news, now you can promote them!


Spark– Unless you’re a Prime member, you probably haven’t heard of Amazon’s new social network “Spark.” Spark allows members to scroll through endless images and products, similar to Instagram’s feed. The perk? Click on anything in the image and purchase it.

Michelle Tresemer

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