Website Refresh or Redesign? The Answer’s in the Data

Website redesign or website refresh?

Website Refresh or Redesign? The Answer’s in the Data

A web designer, a web developer, and a digital marketer are walking through the woods and come upon a website. Like the old parable of three blindfolded sages coming upon an elephant, the three encounter the website with distinct perspectives, and so each assesses the website differently:

  1. First, the web developer says, “Dude, this website’s infrastructure totally keeps it from interfacing with the company’s CMS and the RWD…it sucks big time on my Android. Redesign.”
  2. The web designer adjusts her glasses. “No,” she says, “I think a refresh will declutter content and perk the visuals.”
  3. Finally, the digital marketer says. “You both are partially right, but we won’t know whether we should redesign or refresh until we collect and analyze data. And before we do that, let’s find out what the company wants to achieve with its website.

“Once we figure out goals, we can look at KPIs (key performance indicators).”

When we find a website in the woods, we take our clients through a careful audit to determine where potential problems or opportunities exist, examining everything from SEO to competitors. To redesign or refresh is a data-informed decision that requires examining KPIs to give clients the best ROI.

Moral of the story: Unless you’re flush with money, time, and embrace aggravation, go with the digital marketer’s data-based advice.

Tresemer Group will get the data you need to make an informed decision. Above all, we will ensure your website redesign or refresh supports your larger digital marketing strategy.

Contact us online or by phone at (206) 310-4060. We’re happy to nerd out with you about redesign or refresh with a free 15-minute consultation to help you get started on analyzing your website’s goals.

Michelle Tresemer

Michelle is the owner and founder of Tresemer Group, creating and implementing effective, data-driven digital marketing strategies for our clients. Michelle brings expertise in SEO/SEM, web analytics, social media, lead generation, and conversions. Connect with me on LinkedIn