SEO Audits

Let’s Take a Look Under the Hood

“Websites are like cars,” said no one. Ever.
Maybe, but hear us out.

A website is a major investment too often neglected under the assumption that, until something is noticeably wrong, there’s no need to spend time, money or energy to ensure it’s running in optimal condition. And while this may very well be what we tell ourselves, we all have that nagging voice reminding us of all the things happening under the surface that could wreak havoc on our engine.

Time for a (SEO) Check-Up

We don’t just spit out numbers. We personally review your SEO health and provide a strategic to-do list with our paid audit packages. What good is a massive report with numbers if they aren’t translated into meaningful action items?

Find out where you are

Whether you’re afraid of what you’ll find or simply don’t know where to start, you cannot possibly form an effective digital marketing strategy without an accurate assessment of your current SEO. And if you don’t know what to look for, you’re just as stuck.

We'll help get you moving

Let us take a look under the hood of your website for an honest, thorough evaluation of your SEO and site health. We’ll provide you with a full report outlining the data, analytics and guidance you need to optimize your site, with the option to take a deeper dive if and when you’re ready.

  • Self-Serve Free

    • Health Score

      Overall health of your site in terms of errors. This is an automated scan to look for broken links, missing sitemaps, missing alt text, etc.

    • Biggest Concerns

      If there are any glaring issues, these are called out.

    • Have Questions?

      If your score seems low, schedule a complimentary 15-minute consult, and we can take a deeper look to see why errors are triggering and point you in the right direction to fixing them.

Get Your Results Now

Just a couple of fields and you’re on your way to a quick check-up. After you hit submit we’ll crawl your site and look for any errors and send you an automated email with the results of your basic site health check.

Please note this is a purely automated system. We partner with SEMrush, a trusted SEO resource. Your site may refuse our crawlers. If that happens we’re happy to check a few things manually for you.

  • Mini Under The Hood Audit $1200

    • Health Score

      Evaluation of current state, including health score, errors and warnings, as well as opportunities for optimization.

    • SEO Review

      Evaluation of your SEO strategy, including a punch list to improve your score.

    • Website Analytics Tracking

      Web tracking check to ensure mechanisms like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are in place.

    • Social Media & Directories

      Review of social media assets to verify major networks are set up correctly and identify potential red flags.

    • Onsite Analysis

      Site crawl to identify errors and miscellaneous findings and provide a basis for growth.

    • Fix-it List

      Next steps, priorities and estimates for optimizing your site and boosting your SEO. We’ll tell you exactly what links look broken, what pages have the biggest opportunity, and we’ll give you a prioritized checklist of items to fix.

Sign Me Up!

Fill out the information below and we’ll schedule a short meeting to make sure this audit will meet your goals and expectations.

  • Full Under The Hood Audit $2900

    • Everything from the Mini Under the Hood Audit plus…
    • Website Traffic

      Audit of website traffic to identify where visitors are coming from and where traffic opportunities may lie.

    • Competitor Analysis

      In-depth look at your competitors from an SEO perspective to determine your position within the market.

    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

      Review of targeted keywords and competitor ads.

    • Offsite Analysis

      Backlinks Analysis is ensure a good link-to-domain ratio and identify quality backlinking opportunities.

    • Keyword Analysis

      Review of keywords to help shape content to ensure use of the right phrases to drive converting traffic to your site.

    • 6-12 Month Strategy and Tactics

      Whether you decide to self-implement or outsource, our to-do list will keep you busy for 6-12 months to move your SEO and digital marketing forward.

Sign Me Up!

Fill out the information below and we’ll schedule a short meeting to make sure this audit will meet your goals and expectations. 

We’ll spend 15 minutes with you and can give you at least one actionable insight, free.

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