How to Streamline Your Blogging Process

blogging process

How to Streamline Your Blogging Process

We get asked a lot about our blog writing process. We prefer a simple, focused approach to blog writing. Here’s a quick outline of our process.

Choose your topic

Your topic should fulfill a purpose, so ask yourself who the blog is for and what the audience should get from reading the blog. Try to be original. Outline your general ideas before putting pen to paper.

Draft your Content

A blog should draw in the reader before they lose interest. Don’t drag it out, and make use of lists and headings to attract the reader to your key points.

SEO matters

You want to make sure your blog reaches your audience, so make sure to utilize proper SEO practices, and be sure the post is coded properly.

Focus with Visuals

Pictures are more memorable than text. Make sure you have a few graphics for your blog’s featured image and some others for social sharing.

Share your Work

Just because you wrote it and published it on your blog, that doesn’t mean people will automagically find it. Write up a few social posts, and be sure to tag relevant contributors to your article.

Code it Up

Once your blog post is live on your site, submit the URL to Google Search Console, and strategically schedule your social posts across your networks.

Check Stats

Periodically check up on the blog’s stats and sources of traffic. Use that data to drive your blog content strategies.

Need help streamlining your own blog process?

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